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O Cinema theater in Wynwood. Photo from www.localwiki.org

O Cinema theater in Wynwood. Photo from http://www.localwiki.org

Miami is a surprising city, where a 45-floor modern building can rise next to an old church or an abandoned warehouse, where a luxury store can stand next to a small neglected house from the thirties and where big chain retailers are neighbors to independent movie theaters. I love art movie theaters. Besides mostly featuring independent American and foreign movies, which can be refreshing once you have seen three blockbusters in a month, they somehow find a way to draw people away from their home or device screens, enhance a sense of community or revitalize some areas. Also, their architecture and their selection of quality movies and events definitely bring character to a few areas such as Tower Theater in Little Havana, or Coral Gables Art Cinema in Coral Gables, sitting across the street from independent bookseller Books & Books. Miami gathers an incredible choice of  independent movie theaters which aim at showing quality movies for adults and families that are not easily accessible in regular theaters and appeal to the multi-faceted demographics of South Florida.

Miami Beach Cinematheque. Photo from www.clandestinenola.com

Miami Beach Cinematheque. Photo from http://www.clandestinenola.com

O Cinema was created thanks to a matching grant from the Knight Foundation and now offers three venues : Wynwood, Miami Shores and Miami Beach ( on 71st Street ). The Miami Beach Cinematheque sits in a beautiful Art Deco building which used to be where the City of Miami Beach was. Bill Cosford Cinema may actually be the exception in regards to its architecture as it is located in a quite insignificant building at the University of Miami, in the Coral Gables campus. Miami-based Ana and Hans Morgenstern have an inspiring blog, www. indieethos.wordpress.com that offers reviews about movies which are mostly screened in these small theaters. This is also where most of Miami film festivals take place, such as the Miami Jewish Film Festival ( January 15-29,2015 ), the Miami International Film Festival ( March 6-15, 2015 ) and the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival ( April 24-May 3, 2015 ). Purchase your tickets for the upcoming Miami Jewish Film Festival as tickets often sell out long before the end of the current year. Happy holidays to all !

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Little Havana Cigar Factory

I recently went on a 3-hour bus tour around the Little Havana neighborhood. It was a truly enchanting experience,  an out-of-the ordinary one for a real estate agent like myself, who tends to spend more time in oceanfront condominiums and waterfront houses than in historic areas of Miami. I am so glad that I attended this tour as it helped me realize that this area combines historic places,  entertainment venues  offering cultural diversity as well as incredible real estate investment opportunities. Little Havana includes a large section of   SW 7th and 8th street,  spreads out from SW 5th Avenue ( West of Brickell Avenue ) all the way to SW 24th Avenue and from the new Marlins Ballpark baseball stadium to SW 8th street-Calle Ocho.

A few cultural, civic and business organisations are making sure that Little Havana protects its historic architecture and its multicultural community. Big retailers do not pop-up everywhere around here. Artists ( and not only Cuban artists ) get access to creative working spaces ( such as Futurama studios at 1637 SW 8th St or dance studios on SW 6th St ), cultural venues are blossoming ( art galleries promoting their art during the monthly Viernes Culturales, and Tower Theater, at 1508 SW 8th St, built in 1926,  specializes in featuring awarded foreign movies ),  entertainment venues are getting increased recognition like the new Marlins stadium, the renovated  Little Havana Cigar Factory store, Cuba Ocho latin jazz bar,  at 1465 SW 8th St and SW 15th avenue and delicious restaurants, just to name  a few.

There are also increasing real estate opportunities, either in retail, as newly built spaces are

Multi-family building for sale at $369,000

available for lease around the new stadium, where a restaurant, bar and cigar store are set to open within the next few weeks or in the many multi-family buildings standing in the area. There are some very interesting investment opportunities in real estate for those who are looking for a good return on investment. Most multi-family buildings located in Little Havana offer a 8-9% cap rate ( which is higher than anywhere else in Miami ) and asking prices range from $350,000 for a fourplex up to $2 million for a recently built 18-unit building. Buildings are mostly fully rented and vacancy rate is extremely low. There are also property management and financing opportunities for foreign investors.

The Little Havana Guide is actually an excellent online source of information about what is happening in Little Havana and its Founder and Director, Corinna Moebius, organizes great tours for residents, tourists and entrepreneurs who would like to know more about this surprising neighborhood or are curious about seeing the new Marlins Ballpark stadium  

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