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To those who say that Miami is mainly about the beach, the year-long sun, the hip restaurants and hotels with the parties and socialites that come along with them, I respond that Miami has become more than this and is changing fast to become a global metropolis, where entrepreneurial talents are growing. The example of The Knight Foundation is the perfect way to illustrate this. The Knight Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Miami, created in 1950 by the Knight brothers, two newspapers publishers who funded cultural, educational and journalism-related projects in the cities where they had newspaper ventures, has been funding hundreds of wonderful initiatives in Miami. The foundation focuses on supporting projects related to media innovation, quality journalism, enhancement of the community and expansion of the arts.

Lately, the foundation has offered a $2 million grant to Endeavor, a New York-based organization to open its first other US office in Miami.  The purpose of this non-profit entity is to identify “high-impact entrepreneurs” around the world, mentor them and help them flourish to create economic growth. Endeavor currently has offices in 17 cities, mainly located in Middle East and Latin America. The video above shows that the organization believes that Miami is currently becoming one of the entrepreneurial hubs of the world.

The Lab Miami ( photo from TheLabMiami.com )

The Lab Miami ( photo from TheLabMiami.com )

Almost a year ago, The Knight Foundation awarded $250,000 to The Lab Miami to create a 10,000 sf learn and work campus in Wynwood to help artists, tech entrepreneurs, mentors and investors gather and inspire each other by working collaboratively.

Fostering creative talents and entrepreneurs in Miami helps to grow a sense for a stronger  community while mentoring and retaining talents in South Florida. This is one of the reasons why a growing number of people are choosing to either stay in Miami, move to Miami and/or get involved in educational, social, cultural or business opportunities around here.

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