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South Pointe ParkFollowing a series of urban development construction projects, offering a mix of residential and commercial real estate all over Miami-Dade County, comes the proposed “Grove Bay” plan, which aims at revitalizing the Coconut Grove waterfront while enhancing public access to water. Voters will be able to decide if they wish the proposal to move along on November 5th. The project involves modernizing the cluttered Coconut Grove waterfront area, along South Bayshore Drive and Biscayne Bay. The leases of current Scotty’s Landing and Chart House eateries are up and it’s probably time to change the dining scene. The proposal includes replacing these restaurants by a steakhouse and a seafood spots, the old boat hangar by a new boat storage, tearing down the Coconut Grove convention center to replace it by a 14-acre park, adding approximately 60,000 sf of retail and a city parking garage. The developers who won the bid are those who built the successful Fresh Market and Grove Harbor Marina and are planning on spending $18 millions on this project. This beautiful section of Coconut Grove is in serious need for a facelift and creating a waterfront promenade would be more than welcome. This would benefit residents living in the nearby condos such as Grove Hill or Grovenor House as well as visitors. However, the Grove Bay plan is raising many passionate debates. The ones who are in favor of the project are underlying the fact that Coconut Grove and South Florida residents are dying to have more waterfront dining locations and saying that the area needs more green spaces. Those who are fighting it claim the project will transform this old vibe section of the Grove into an overbuilt mixed-use development where water will become less accessible than expected.

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