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images[6]A lot has been written these past few months over the search for the perfect location for David Beckham‘s new professional soccer stadium to be built in Miami. Various locations were mentioned and the South West corner of PortMiami was going to be the preferred option… until a few days ago, when County commissioners rejected for PortMiami to host the new stadium. This county-owned land is a valuable piece of property which is being under used at this point. Development plans are not confirmed yet but there is a chance that mixed-use commercial properties be developed there. A few days ago, the Beckham Group revealed the new plans for a soccer stadium that would be built in a new location; on the boat slip located between the American Airlines Arena and Museum Park in Downtown Miami. However, considering that this piece of land was supposed to become a park, the appointed Arquitectonica architects recently included expanded green spaces East of the Arena, to the new plans.  8.5 acres of new park land will be added there while 4.2 acres of park will be removed where the stadium will stand. City officials and supporters of the new stadium are working hard to find a solution that will please ( almost ) everyone, as there are major economic, cultural  and social impacts related to this endeavor. The Beckham Group would pay for the construction of the stadium ( estimated at $250 millions ) as well as the filling of the slip to be able to build it. The City, which owns Museum Park, would most probably lease it to the Beckham Group. As The Miami Herald reported, the long-planned Museum Park, which was supposed to be seen from Biscayne Boulevard and sit along the street would be disappearing. Most of what pedestrians and drivers would see as they pass by would be the 100-feet high stadium wall. No additional parking has been planed so far, which raises the concern for parking on a game night. I was assured via Twitter by the Miami Major League Soccer that Miami Heat games would not be scheduled on the same evening then the soccer games. But isn’t it already challenging to find parking in Downtown Miami when there is a Heat game ? Coming from Europe, I welcome the idea of having a soccer stadium built in Miami. I just wonder how the parking, traffic and lack of green space visible from the street will be handled by Miami residents and visitors once it is built. The county residents will still have to vote to approve this project in November.

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